Carolyn Rice Dean


Rice Dean Graphics starts with a WordPress theme framework that allows for endless design possibilities so that your site can include what best suits your unique business.

WordPress is used by 43% of all websites. It is the most popular content management system (CMS) with 65% market share. (source)

WordPress Is Open Source

Instead of having one developer supporting your website, you have over 10,000 developers who are part of a community working to constantly improve the product. You are not going to be stuck with a CMS that only one company can use.

WordPress Is Flexible and Extendable

Flexibility allows us to build sites faster, meaning more of your budget is focused on design and user experience rather than programming and debugging. The community has made it extendable, meaning that everything you can think of has already been built, which speeds up development.

WordPress Is Easy To Use

Once properly setup and configured, WordPress is relatively easy to use, a benefit to those who want to publish web content without having to know a lot about the robust database driven technology under the hood.

WordPress Is Here To Stay

WordPress is so widely supported that it works well with many other 3rd party tools. This is in contrast to other platforms that may have limited integration choices and where professional consultation is not as readily available and is often much more expensive.

Even Microsoft decided to stop development on its own blogging platform and move its 30 million users over to using WordPress.

We use Google’s guidelines and best practices. As Google makes changes to their algorithm, which they do often, we do our best to understand what changes were made and modify our practices accordingly using industry standard tools. But the answer to this question is no, we cannot guarantee a certain ranking, because no one can control how Google ranks websites.

WHEN YOU HIRE RICE DEAN GRAPHICS for your design project we will first meet to discuss your needs in terms of message, audience, budget, schedule, and project elements such as text and photos. This can be accomplished in whichever communication mode you prefer.  E-mail, phone, or in person meeting.

RICE DEAN GRAPHICS PROVIDES free cost estimates which are within 10%-15% of final invoice. After you have approved the estimate and signed the contract, I will develop original graphic concepts and themes with preliminary PDF proofs and deliver them to you via e-mail. My print services typically proceed with two-three rounds of PDF proofs to ensure that you are completely satisfied. After your final approval I will perform prepress file preparations, place orders, direct the production, coordinate schedules, and ensure the quality and delivery of your finished product.

RICE DEAN GRAPHICS USES THE VERY LATEST professional page layout, photo editing, illustration, and web design software to produce electronic files for output to commercial printers for any kind of print or display media. Rice Dean Graphics has earned a solid reputation for providing files that can be used without complication in final production through constant upgrading of technical skills. My web design capabilities include not only desktop browsers but also mobile tablet and smartphone optimized solutions.

NEED MORE THAN A DESIGNER? Rice Dean Graphics can provide or source every aspect of your project through established working relationships with writers, studio and location photographers, specialized illustrators, and printers—all developed over many years in successful business with satisfied clients.

ON A TIGHT SCHEDULE? Rice Dean Graphics has many years of experience meeting “drop dead” deadlines without fail. I am the one to turn to and depend on when only a professional could possibly pull it off.

PLEASE VIEW MY PORTFOLIO to see examples of a large variety of different projects and styles suited specifically to the individual needs of my clients. Contact Rice Dean Graphics today to discuss your project and receive a free estimate.